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Get Los in Barbados - At least once!

With 166 square miles to explore Barbados is the perfect place to get lost in an island adventure. You never know what's around the corner, from a bustling city centre to the middle of a cane field in 10 minutes ore less.

Barbados is relatively safe, with a friendly face around every street corner to help you find you a way. We have our own unique way of giving directions - "up the road, "cross the road, swing left and pass "de rum shop pun the cornuh".

If you are unable to decipher any of this, just go in the direction they are pointing and look out for any landmarks mentioned. I

f you are well and truly lost and the GPS is of no help, one trick is to follow the red bust stop signs - "Bus To City" gets you to a main road, "Bus Out of City" takes you further off the beaten path

What You Need:

  • For transportation see our car hire section

  • Barbados in a Nutshell map to find attractions in the area

  • Your favourite navigation App, with a healthy amount of date or and up-to-date offline version downloaded to your divise

Source:Barbados in a Nutshell

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